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Week 5 | 12 Week Fitness Challenge

After re-reading “The 12 Week Year” by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington, I decided to embark on a 12 week fitness challenge to get back into shape after childbirth. Here’s how week 5 panned out.

Week 5 Workout Plan

  • Run: 1 mi run x 1, 1.25 mi run x 2
  • Stationary bike: x 3
  • Plank: Every day
  • Walking: Every day

Week 5 Workouts

  • Monday: Walk, Plank (70 sec), Bike (25 min), Run (2 mi)
  • Tuesday: Walk, Plank (70 sec), Bike (25 min), Run (2 mi)
  • Wednesday: Walk, Plank (70 sec)
  • Thursday: Walk, Plank (70 sec), Bike (25 min)
  • Friday: Plank (70 sec)
  • Saturday: Walk, Plank (70 sec)
  • Sunday: Plank (70 sec)

Workout Totals

  • Run: 2 mi run x 2 ❎
  • Stationary bike: x 3 ✅
  • Plank: Every day ✅
  • Walk: 5 days ❎


  • Weight Change: -0 lbs
  • Waist Change: -2 inch

Lost 0 lb of weight and 2 inches off my waist since we started on November 21.

Ran 2 miles twice, but because of extreme cold (Polar Vortex), rain, and feeling ill, couldn’t get the last run in. Even took 2 days off walking because of the rain and feeling tired. We did walk in the Polar Vortex, but not sure if that contributed to feeling poorly on Sunday. We recorded 4F! Phew! Thank god for central heating that held up!

At the very least, got my planks in every day. Hoping to get back into the groove of things with Week 6!

According to Strava, I logged 14.08 miles of outdoor walks over 5 hours 24 minutes, 1 hour 15 minutes of bike riding, and 4.05 miles of running over 51 minutes this week!

Hiroko Nishimura
AWS Community Hero. Special Education teacher turned IT Engineer turned Technical Writer. Author "AWS for Non-Engineers" (Manning Publications). Technical Instructor "Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers" (LinkedIn Learning).

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