Here are talks, podcasts, and articles where I’ve been featured recently! Interested in interviewing me for a podcast episode or an article? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at hiro@24villages.com!


Tech Careers: Hiroko Nishimura – from help-desk to technical author

Tech Careers with Rishab Kumar

HarperDB Select*: Becoming an AWS Hero & Pursuing a Dream Job w/ Hiroko Nishimura

Harper DB Select* with Margo McCabe

aws.fm: Technical Writing, Teaching Tech & Cloud to Beginners, and Navigating Life as a Freelancer

aws.fm with Adam

TechJr: Learning AWS with Hiroko Nishimura

TechJR with Lee Warrick

CodeNewbie: What is AWS and how do you become a cloud engineer

CodeNewbie Podcast with Saron

Launchies: Heads in Clouds – Freelance Finance and Being Your Own Boss

Launchies with Pachi

Talking Serverless: Technical Instructor and AWS Hero

Talking Serverless with Serverless Guru

#100DaysOfCloud: Cloud Journey from Hiro to Hero

Cloud Journey with #100DaysOfCloud

Build Your Talent Stack: Talent Stack Story of a Professional Beginner

Build Your Talent Stack with Yishan Chan

Screaming in the Cloud: Learning How to Teach AWS to Newbies

Screaming in the Cloud with Corey Quinn

Sahar’s Communication Station: How to Find the Courage to Live Your Best Life

Sahar’s Communication Station with Sahar Mandi

egghead Podcast: Making A Fulfilling Career Out Of Multiple Interests

egghead Podcast with Joel Hooks

CurryUp Startup Podcast: We are not Guaranteed a Later

CurryUp Startup Podcast with Priyanka Komala