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Week 9 | 12 Week Fitness Challenge

After re-reading “The 12 Week Year” by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington, I decided to embark on a 12 week fitness challenge to get back into shape after childbirth. Here’s how week 9 panned out.

Week 9 Workout Plan

  • Run: 2 mi run x 1, 2.25 mi run x 2
  • Stationary bike: x 3
  • Plank: Every day
  • Walking: Every day

Week 9 Workouts

  • Monday: Walk, Plank (110 sec), Bike (30 min), Run (1.5 mi)
  • Tuesday: Walk, Plank (110 sec), Bike (15 min), Run (4.05 mi)
  • Wednesday: Walk, Plank (110 sec), Bike (16min)
  • Thursday: Walk, Plank (110 sec), Run (3.25 mi)
  • Friday: Walk, Plank (110 sec)
  • Saturday: Walk, Plank (110 sec)
  • Sunday: Walk, Plank (110 sec)

Workout Totals

  • Run: run x 3 ✅
  • Stationary bike: x 3 ✅
  • Plank: Every day ✅
  • Walk: Every day ✅


  • Weight Change: +0.6 lbs

Gained 0.6 lb of weight since we started on November 21.

I was going to go for speed training, but gave up and went back to distance because the Effort points Strava was giving me for shorter runs was too small for my liking ? Also I found that for the amount of effort and exhaustion I was going through for just a minute off my time or something wasn’t really worth it.

According to Strava, I logged 21.5 miles of outdoor walks over 7 hours 44 minutes, 1 hour of bike riding, and 8.79 miles of running over 1 hour 41 minutes this week!

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