Hiroko Nishimura

Hi! I’m Hiroko, and I’m a content creator with focus on technical instruction and content strategy. I’m also an AWS Community Hero!

I teach at LinkedIn Learning and egghead, and founded AWS Newbies and Cloud Newbies. I wrote Freelance Finance 101 and Intro to AWS for Newbies. I miss New York City and Soup Dumplings.

I write lifestyle articles, technical articles, and books. Sometimes, I’m a Blogger, YouTuber, Twitch Affiliate, and Podcaster.

I recently picked up photography again, and am a Getty Images and Unsplash Contributor. My portfolio is at 500px. You can check out my art at art.hirokonishimura.com. I sell prints at Society6.

I love reading! Here are my favorite books I highly recommend! I also partake in annual reading challenge at GoodReads!

Read about my journey from Special Education Teacher to Freelance Technical Writer!

You can also check out my “Top Posts” for my favorite blog posts, and also my “Featured” page for different conferences, talks, podcasts, and articles I’ve been featured in!


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