Hiroko Nishimura

Systems Administrator AWS Cloud Practitioner
Technical Writer M.Ed. Special Education Disability Advocate

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Hi, I'm Hiro!
I'm a Technological Innovator + Educator in NYC.

By day, I work as a Systems Administrator at Intersection, an AdTech Startup.
By night, I write for the INSIDER as a Contributing Writer.
I am also an AWS Course Instructor for LinkedIn Learning/Lynda. Resume

I founded AWS Newbies in 2018 to help beginners learn about Amazon Web Services without being hindered by technical jargon present in most resources. Learn More?

Hiroko Nishimura Intro to AWS for Newbies

As a Disability Advocate, I founded Burgundy for Life, providing support for survivors of Vascular Malformations, Stroke, and Brain Injury. Learn More?

I am also a Self-Taught Frontend Developer, having been dabbling in HTML since middle school.
This portfolio was coded using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP. Learn More?

I have a Master's of Education Degree in Special Education, and strong interests in Assistive/Educational Technology, and Community (Re)habilitation.

Projects + Products

I am a tinkerer and content creator.
I have many projects, hobbies, and passions that I regularly publish.