Hiroko Nishimura

Technical Services Engineer AWS Cloud Practitioner
Technical Writer M.Ed. Special Education Disability Advocate

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Hi, I'm Hiro!
I'm a Technological + Social Innovator in NYC.

By day, I work as a Technical Services Engineer at Intersection, an AdTech Startup.
By night, I write for the INSIDER as a Contributing Writer. Resume

I am an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, currently teaching myself to architect in Amazon Web Services

I founded AWS Newbies in 2018 to help beginners learn about AWS without the technical jargon present in most resources. Learn More?

Hiroko Nishimura Hackathon 2017

Disability Advocacy is a very important part of my identity. In 2012, I founded Burgundy for Life to provide resources and support for survivors of Vascular Malformation and Brain Injury. Learn More?

I am also a Self-Taught Frontend Developer, having been dabbling in HTML since I was in middle school. This portfolio was coded using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP. Learn More?

I have a Master's of Education Degree in Special Education, and strong interests in Assistive/Educational Technology, and Community (Re)habilitation.

Projects + Products

I am a tinkerer and content creator.
I have many projects, hobbies, and passions that I regularly publish.