LinkedIn Instructor: Recording Courses in SoCal 🌴

7/20/2020: Updated with links to all four updated courses at! 💯 There is also now a “Learning Path” to go from “What the heck is the Cloud??” to sitting in on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I was on a work trip to SoCal, soaking up the sun and ocean breezes. I spent a week in Ventura County in the beginning of August to record the 3rd and 4th courses for my Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers video series I have been creating with LinkedIn Learning.

As a quick background, I have been creating an introductory to Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) video course series with LinkedIn Learning (formally since last winter.

In February, the 1st course in the series, Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers: 1 Cloud Concepts was released, and in June, Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers: 2 Security was released.

YouTube Vlog of the Trip

For the recording of the courses, LinkedIn flies me out to SoCal to spend anywhere from a few days to a week to record the materials at their recording studio. They then do the post production to complete and upload them onto their platform.

While I was there, I took some footage to create a Vlog of my trip (Hiro in SoCal!), and a Podcast episode (Imposter Syndrome, Teaching on LinkedIn Learning, and my Week in SoCal 🌴)

Though it rained a bit and sometimes it was a bit muggy, overall, the weather was gorgeous. I was completely exhausted after recording every day, but overall, I am very happy with what I recorded, so I’m excited to see how they come out!

HIROBYTES Podcast Episode (Spotify)

In general, I was a lot more comfortable with the process, and these last two courses had a lot more of my personality embedded both into the course itself and in the recording, so I think it will be a very nice addition to my archive of resources!

Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers

Introduction to Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and core services, security features/services, and billing features/services for complete beginners!

Learning Path: Prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

  1. Cloud Concepts
  2. Security Services
  3. Core Services
  4. Billing and Pricing

Other Links

Of course, I have my AWS Newbies resources website at, and an “Intro to AWS for Newbies eBook” at to help you get started with AWS from 0, if you are looking for more ways to get introduced!

And I now have a Podcast (HIROBYTES – available in most places where you listen to Podcasts!), where I discuss tech, disability, personal finance, and growing up as a 1st generation Japanese American in the US!

And last, but not least, I have a YouTube channel where I create bilingual videos on anything that strikes my fancy! 😊

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