Day 90: 500 miles walked

Today is actually Day 91, because as always, I forgot to write a post for a significant milestone. As of today, I’ve walked 505 miles in the past 91 days. Pretty wild, huh. According to this random distance calculator, it means that I’ve reached Indianapolis from DC.

Here’s a video of a second from every day over the past month:

The weather has been doing extreme yo-yo-ing for the past few months, ranging from near-freezing 30-something-degree weather to 80 degrees, and from drenching storms to extreme sun.

More than the distance, I’m glad that despite the whole world seemingly on fire with a global crisis and pandemic, I was able to hang on to this one Quest to keep my mental health and physical health in check. I’m still eating too much and too unhealthily, but at least I’m also exercising!

I began this challenge on February 10th, so it’s been a full 3 months since I began. Today is Day 56 of Self-Quarantine, which began on March 16th in Maryland. Somehow, it’s already mid-May. I feel like we’ve just been robbed of a few months, because I have no idea how we got from mid-March to mid-May…

Maryland’s beaches reopened last Saturday, and golfing, tennis, fishing, camping, and other activities were also taken out of restriction last week. Schools will remain closed for the rest of the year, though. And elective medical procedures. Most small businesses are apparently also reopened.

I don’t think I’ll be doing anything different for another month at least, if not months, though. We only go grocery shopping and pick up take out, and stay out of stores or confined areas other than that.

I feel like it’s too early, given the risks of resurgence… I guess only time will tell! We’re in the process of canceling our honeymoon trip that we’ve been planning for a year now that was supposed to happen this October through November. I don’t think going on trips will be a thing that will happen for at least another year.

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