Face Coverings Order #COVID19

Effective tomorrow at 7AM, anyone going into and working at retail establishments and anyone utilizing public transportation in the state of Maryland must cover their faces with masks or cloth. My county had a similar mandate that went into effect on Monday, but now it’s gone into effect for the whole state. This is Executive Order by Governor Hogan (20-04-15-01), and will be enforceable by $5,000 fine, up to 1 year imprisonment, or both.

Apparently Maryland’s COVID-19 testing capacity has expanded by more than 5,000% in the past month, and is on its way to performing 10,000 tests per day. I know a few people who couldn’t get tested when they got sick, so hopefully people will be able to get tested now…

I’ve been wearing a mask while walking for the past few days, and it’s doing double job to protect my skin from the sun and protecting me from germs, so so far, so good. I’m a little nervous at how uncomfortable it’ll become once the weather turns warmer and more humid…

It’s really interesting how quickly masks went from “not ok/suspicious/not effective/dangerous” to “totally fine, totally necessary, you’re a horrible person if you don’t have one on!” I do hope after this, it’ll become a regular part of everyone’s First Aid Kit.

I woke up this morning with really tense neck to the left side, and some back pain. The back pain went away pretty quickly, but the neck pain is still there. I’m hoping it was just me sleeping in a weird way, or because I went to bed early and slept for longer than usual… It reminds me of the chronic back/neck/shoulder pain I suffered from for a few months earlier this year, and I’m not ready to go back to that life!

So far, so good. Still not sick. Hopefully Coronavirus will stay away from my family. (Still nervous about my sister, who lives in the hotbed that is New York City.)


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