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Last Updated: 12/18/2018

AWS Newbies

AWS Newbies provides study guides for the Amazon Web Services Certification Exams for complete beginners. It aims to bridge the gap between "People Interested in Tech" and "Technical Resources."

Many of the resources available to learn about AWS are so filled with technical jargon that they are very difficult for people without technical backgrounds or education to effectively learn.

I believe that technical knowledge should be accessible to anyone interested, so when I ran into difficulties finding ways to study for my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, I decided to create the resource I was looking for myself.

In fall, 2018, I also published Intro to AWS for Newbies - a combination of an eBook and a FREE Newsletter Course to introduce Cloud Computing and AWS to complete beginners.

The website runs on AWS and Wordpress.

Home Page

Website hosing study resources for AWS certification exams catered towards beginners.

The 35+ articles resources was created in 1.5 weeks to prepare for my own exam. The content is written to be accessible for people who do not have technical backgrounds.

Framework: Wordpress
Platform: AWS

Intro to AWS for Newbies

Intro to AWS for Newbies: Introductory Newsletter Course and eBook for Amazon Web Services.

1 week Newsletter Course created on MailChimp. 78-page full-color eBook introducec AWS to a complete beginner.

Program: MailChimp, Microsoft Word
Platform: Wordpress, MailChimp

Cloud Practitioner

cloud practitioner exam

Study guide for concepts and information pertaining to Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam.

Linking to various parts of the website that provides relevant resources to learn about AWS to prepare to take the certification exam.

Framework: Wordpress
Platform: AWS

Burgundy for Life

Burgundy for Life is a collection of initiatives and projects to promote Vascular Malformation, Stroke, and Brain Injury awareness and support for survivors and their families.

I began the project in 2012 after realizing that there are very limited "layman friendly" resources and support groups readily available for vascular malformation survivors and their families to find and share information.
Especially scarce were resources about the condition and the treatment methods that were easily comprehensible by those without a medical background.

Burgundy for Life is my attempt to bridge the gap between the "medical" and the "patient" world by "translating" the medical jargon and technical text into "normal language."

Burgundy for Life

Main website for Burgundy for Life, functioning as a portal to all the other projects and resources. The website itself does not have "content," but guides visitors to the resources the organization offers.

Languages: HTML5, CSS3
Framework: Bootstrap 4.0
Date: October, 2017

Project Hope @ Burgundy for Life

"Quote Rotation" website that publishes quotes from an online survey I conducted of survivors and their families. The quotes provide guidance and source of hope for those with vascular malformations by supplying an "endless loop" of insights from those who have experienced similar difficulties.

Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP
Framework: Bootstrap 4.0
Date: October, 2017

Burgundy for Life Facebook Page

facebook page

With follower number of almost 3500, along with a support group with over 1000 members, Burgundy for Life Facebook Page is one of the largest support pages for those affected by vascular malformation and brain injury. The page shares resources, articles, and survivor stories, as well as newest developments in vascular malformation treatments being developed.

Platform: Facebook Page
Date: January, 2013

AVM Awareness Project

Founded in 2012, AVM Awareness Project was the harbinger of all of the vascular malformation initiatives. It provides a comprehensive link database of resources, websites, books, and support groups, and hosted calendar of events around the country, as well as a database of onsite support groups around the country. It has a Stories section where survivors share their vascular malformation journies.

Framework: Wordpress
Date: May, 2013

Brain Aneurysm Awareness Poster

1 in 50: brain aneurysm awareness

Brain Aneurysm Awareness Poster created for a graphic design course. "1 in 50," designed in Adobe Illustrator. Published on Burgundy for Life's Facebook Page, and from there, shared 500+ times. Reprinted by users for support groups and resource booths around the country.

Program: Adobe Illustrator
Date: 2012

Arteriovenous Malformation Information Flier

what is arteriovenous malformation?

A printable grayscale flier that explains what Arteriovenous Malformation is to the public in "layman-friendly" terms. Most resources available were filled with jargon, and very technical, and all around difficult to understand. I created this flier in order for survivors and family members to have a resource they could hand out that explains the rare condition to their friends and doctors.

Program: Microsoft Word
Date: 2013 is a portfolio and personal website created to replace my old portfolio at

I decided to move the portfolio after beginning the #100DaysOfCode challenge, because I wanted a brand new space to learn and practice the web development skills I was teaching myself.

This website runs on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP.

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